Research Lab Info:

The Communications, Security, and Analytics (CSA) Lab at University of South Florida, led by Dr. Zhuo Lu, is focused on in-depth understanding and basic design in computer, network, security and data systems. Our objective is by proposing new analytic models and developing innovative mechanisms to understand the basic properties of network, system, and attack behaviors. We are collaborating with various institutions to advance the basic science and fundamental research in wireless, network, security, and data applications. Our current research interests include network science, communication security, proactive defense, cyber-physical systems, and data analytics.

Research Keywords:

Current Areas of Interest:

  ⚫ Fundamental analysis of strategies to balance security and efficiency in cyber network systems.
  ⚫ Novel wireless mobile and networking designs for IoT efficiency and security.
  ⚫ Using AI and machine learning towards improving network performance, reliability and security.
  ⚫ Adversarial machine learning attacks and defenses in network systems and applications.
  ⚫ Data analytics with applications in computer and networked systems.
  ⚫ Modeling and analyzing resilience in cyber-physical systems.